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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zwinky Chatting Etiquette Continues....

Online Relationship Pitfalls. Before I proceed any further about online relationships and how to keep your mate, which will be my next topic, let me enumerate the dangers that can sometimes result from meeting your partner online.

1. The Married Chatter: Everybody looks the same in Zwinky except if your a cutie or a hottie. Everybody can lie about their age also and especially their marital status. Unless you are only looking for friends online, it's best to make sure that the guy you are placing your hats on is single. You don't know where the relationship will lead you to so before investing your feelings, this issue should be sorted out immediately. Of course it is tactless or even futile to ask a guy online if he is married or not. Depends on the guy, he might be honest enough to say that he is, but there are all sorts of people online and its best to be alert than getting your heart broken.

Married men, especially those who are on the look out for innocent victims will not post their picture on their profile. He might send it to you on your personal email address or might let you view him on web cam but will not post his photo publicly for everyone to see for fear that someone he knows might recognize him.

Most married men approaches the women first. They will introduce themselves briefly and as vague as possible and will right away ask personal details about you to know if you fit in the type of woman he usually hunts for. Mostly, innocent, naive and very trusting women. Desperate and lonely women who can easily be manipulated are also a common targets. Married men who are new to online dating are sometimes difficult to detect but there are professional married men who have become very experienced with online dating and deceptions. He knows the right questions to ask and can easily spot you as a soft target after a few exchange words.

Obviously, married men don't have as much time as the single guys, unless they work on a call center, hehehe. He will have a fewer time to be online and odd hours or days of the week. Be suspicion if he suddenly log out for no reason, especially when you are in the middle of the conversation. His wife might have woken up and caught him chatting with you. :-p

A married men will ask for you phone number on your first chatting session but will not give his own.Or if he does, he will only share his cell phone number but not his home number. And when you call or message him he will not either pick up the phone or will message you back after a very very long time.If it happens very frequently its time to be suspicious.
Unless a man is afraid that you might stalk him he will tell you right away where he lives or a general idea where you are. If he is being secretive about his location then he has something to hide. Unless perhaps he is wanted by the police or by credit lenders. Which are probably worst. Be more suspicious if he suddenly gives a different location on the next time that you meet him. He might have forgotten what place he told you the first time.

If a man is not willing to give personal information about himself like his family background or childhood he is either not taking the relationship seriously or he is married . Both of which are already very good reasons for you not to waste your time on this man. These are incidentally not only true about online dating but also in the real time dating. If the man is not interested or is hesitant to introduce you to his friends and family there is little hope of him taking your relationship to the next level.

I am sure there are more signs that the man you are dating online is married , these are just the basics.You just have to use your judgment and common sense and not be swept away in the euphoria of feeling like you finally met the man who finally understands you. On the other hand, you should not jump to the conclusion if you see one or two of this signs on the guy you are currently dating but if he manifest a majority of this signs then you should think twice before fantasizing about getting into your dream wedding gown and walking down the isle with him.

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