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Monday, December 22, 2008

Reikazek Is not " birdy"

It's true guys, Reikazek is not the one who are sending me photos. She is not " birdy."

Btw who knows smileboy1? Is he new at the bus stop or only using a new username? Hmmm. So many chatters are switching username these days, its hard to tell who we are chatting with sometimes.
I have not seen him before at the bus stop until last Saturday. I only exchange a few words with him then. So what's up? What's your problem man? What did I do to you?

I would just like to say, let us not be a bad sport and slander me, if I can't grant you zcard gifts. I can't give everyone gifts, that's why I having these contests, so you don't have to beg for it. You don't even have to thank me when you won, since you work hard for it. You don't owe me anything. But I guess some people would rather just beg than make any effort at all. At sila pa ang galit pag di mo pinagbigyan. Yun ang makapal ang mukha. Because of these, I am officially ending all my contest starting now. The last contest would be the "Tough Chick" competition. And please don't come near me anymore, asking if I have a zcard. It would be futile. I am not giving you any. Unless you can give me good reasons why I should still have my contests, maybe I will change my mind. " Wala po kayong patagong zcard sa 'kin, kaya huwag masyadong demanding okay?"

To those who joined the" exchange gift" giving, nobody forced you to join. You joined voluntarily. If your aim was just to receive gifts, naman! Anong pag-uugali yan! It is not fair to just receive gifts but not give gifts. So send your poor babies the gifts that are due to them. I will reveal your mommies and daddies on the 24th. Please leave your name if you are an orphan baby. Meaning, you had not recieved a single gift since December 18. And also if you are a neglected baby, meaning you did not received all of the gifts due you.

Someone did not leave his/her name at the Secret Santa Portion. Please identify yourself.


mhythx0412 said...

ate coco thats my best friend GEM (emo_blackangel) ^__^

mhythx0412 said...

ate coco i didn't received any gifts since dec.18 but hahabol nlng poh aq sa pagbigay ng gift s anak qh medyo d n poh kz aq nkaka on thx poh! ^__^

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

oh okay no probs shalom :-

mhythx0412 said...

Ate coco ituloy nyu poh yun contest kasi "JUST FOR FUN" lang poh yun don't mind those idiots begging for your zcard, i have met hundred of those and tell "YOU DON'T HAVE A ZCARD" but if they won't shut their mouths and heads off well stab them in behind their back nooooo just kidding -,-" just let them until they're thired speaking and convincing you to give them what they want! Pag di pah kau tinantanan aq nlng bhala jan -.-" heheh merry christmas and happy new year

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