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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Young Love Sweet Love

There is nothing sweeter than young love. Those sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed. Uncertain if the person you hold dear loves you as much. The tortured waiting, " will he call or not? " " Should I text him or wait for him to text me, aarrgh maybe he doesn't have load?" Then that butterflies in the stomach and that thrilling feeling when you're together, while muttering to your self he/she is the one! I found my soul mate! Staring at the window and recalling your time together like a music video. Aaaaw there is nothing like it. You will rarely experience these things again as you grow older and life become more complicated.

But my dear friends, this is not true love but romantic love. There is a huge difference. Romantic love is fleeting and temporary. A certain look a certain personality that attracts you due to something that is lacking in your self that you want to complete. A hope that this certain person will fill that void in your life. That is why after sometime you always end up feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Then you will find yourself falling in and out of love several times. At your age, which I am guessing a very young age, you are not ready yet for true love between a man and woman.And nobody can fill that void you are feeling right now but yourself. Discover your self, harness your potential and be the best of what you can be. When you have love yourself enough only then will you have the capability of loving someone else. And when you truly knows how to love then you will be loved in return. When you have let go of selfishness and pettiness only then, will true love blossoms. Which I think will still take a very long time. You should not be taking these relationships too seriously to the point of being harmful to you. Most young men are not ready to be in a serious relationship anyway. They will take their time before they will commit themselves to any woman and so should you.

I don't mean to preach because I have been this in road also a few years back and I know no amount of advice well change your mind when you are intoxicated with this loving feeling. I also know how heartbroken one can get over a failed relationship but if I killed myself then I would not have enjoy the blessing of meeting my husband. If I did not hope that life would be better then I would not have been experience the marital bliss and happiness I am experiencing now. Be patient "all good things comes to those who waits."

When it comes to embarrassment, what you think is the biggest insult for you today could be only one minute fun for everybody else. Nobody remembers these things and quote it back to you. Your confidence will shut up your mudslingers. If you show you are embarrassed and guilty then people will think you are guilty. But if you show them you are unaffected then they will think it's not a big deal. It is all about how you carry yourself.

Well anyway, your story is amusing but a bit disturbing because of the suicide thing. Please put that away from your mind. No good thing will come out of it. You would miss out on many wonderful things that life has to offer.

BTW who sent this message? I am not able to send this gift to you because you did not leave your name.


Anonymous said...

aww..sori tao lng..ngkkmali rn p:D

Anonymous said...

lolz :-) okay lang yan.

Anonymous said...

uhm. please. kung pwede pakitangal nmn po. ayaw ko makasakit ng tao. thank you.

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

Hi, alin ang tatangalin? Who is this please?

miecky said...

waaaaaaaaah ang gulo..hahaha

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