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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winner of Scary Santa

Bugz has won the title Scary Santa by default since he was the only who submitted an entry for this category. And it is a very good entry also! Santa is looking very scary in this green skin tone! So Creepy!

Congratulation Bugz! Please leave your shopping list below with a total of 200 zcard gift items!

Xmas Xpress contest's aim is to give gifts to more people that's why there are more categories but with less prize.

Also after the Catwalk Star contests " Tough Chick", the upcoming contest will not solely be base on number of votes but also with the merit of the photos sent. Judging will be as follow:
70% votes, 30% creativity.

For consolation prizes, pray for donors so that I will have extra budget to buy zcards. As of now all prizes are still courtesy of my husband :-D .


Anonymous said...

to: -bugz-

[male cuttie] Z Avenue
spiky hair
color:all black
price: 55

[male cuttie] rock vault
slipknot hat
price: 40

[male cuttie] z greetings
color1: black

[male hottie] Z greetings
color1: red
color2: white
price: 15

[male cuttie] rock vault
slipknot flourish
price: 65


Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

Your gifts have been delivered! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

ung spiky hair at ung dlawang tulip lng poh yong nareceive ko..wla ung hat tsaka ung slipknot flourish.. =)

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