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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Memories

The New Year fever hits the Rocker bus stop today!!!!

There is nothing more sweeter and more enjoyable than spending the first few hours of the new year with our family and friends in Zwinky!!!


But why the long face chii_cute?

This Christmas has been quite enjoyable and here are some fun times with we had at Zwinky.

Kris_pinkaloo's life long wish comes true! Ikos had proposed! They are engaged! Kailang kaya ang wedding! Sana matuloy ng mga weddings! Lagi namang postpone!

That Eskimo in green is Kryz or ate_zjy conversing with a Californian guy. He asked us earlier what language we were speaking and I told him Nipponggo. We told him we are Japanese. He said cool.

He then said he knows how to speak Mandarin. An exchange of differenet language and dialects ensued! May bisaya, kapangpangan, illongo at ewan ko na yung iba!

Earlier in the morning a guy stopped by the bus stop inviting us to a wedding. We asked him what was the motif. He said pink, white and black. Ikos instantly changed his clothes into a suit which was quite perfect for the motif of the wedding. We had such a good laugh about it. The girl in pink cap is simply_cutee.

Glam and Carlo was supposed to get married last Tuesday but due to Carlo's mom falling ill the wedding was postponed. But on the same day someone drop by the bus inviting us to go his wedding which was being held in the same location ( wanderer-heaven). We all then changed into our formal clothes and dropped by wanderer heaven. But there bride and groom were not there. Instead some guests who were there for glam and Carlo's wedding were waiting there. They did not know that the wedding was postponed. There was confusion on who was getting married to whom. It turned out that we were late for other wedding and the ceremony was already over.

One of my favorite memory this Christmas was spending the day skating with Kris_pinkaloo. It was a lot of fun!

BTW what's wrong with the keepsake yesterday? It was supposed to be free but every time you click grab it says " item cannot be claimed as free today". What gives? Ang Labo. It would have looked very nice beside my fireplace :-(

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Battle of The Giants

I am launching a new contest. This contest is for the winners and big scorers of the past major categories . I am very curious to know who among these big scorers will come up with the biggest number of votes. Who has the most number of friends and who is the most persistent to win. Sino ang may pinaka matinding pangagailangan! The contest will start on January 2, 2009 and will run for 2 weeks. Prize is 1000 zcard gift items for the one with the highest number of votes and 500 zcard gift items for the second placer. And by special request 300 zcard gift items for the 3rd placer :=D

Zwinkers qualified for this contest are:
mega_star ( Red Carpet Diva, catwalk stars)
Xharmein ( Best Halloween room )
gorgeous_mitch ( Crush Ng Tambayan Girlz)
ghurl_18 ( Tough Chick, catwalk stars)
mahmegz08 ( Best Christmas room)
glenn_ramos (2nd place CNT)

If you want your photo changed send me a new one.
* bebabe let me know if you wanna join in this contest.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Young Love Sweet Love

There is nothing sweeter than young love. Those sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed. Uncertain if the person you hold dear loves you as much. The tortured waiting, " will he call or not? " " Should I text him or wait for him to text me, aarrgh maybe he doesn't have load?" Then that butterflies in the stomach and that thrilling feeling when you're together, while muttering to your self he/she is the one! I found my soul mate! Staring at the window and recalling your time together like a music video. Aaaaw there is nothing like it. You will rarely experience these things again as you grow older and life become more complicated.

But my dear friends, this is not true love but romantic love. There is a huge difference. Romantic love is fleeting and temporary. A certain look a certain personality that attracts you due to something that is lacking in your self that you want to complete. A hope that this certain person will fill that void in your life. That is why after sometime you always end up feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Then you will find yourself falling in and out of love several times. At your age, which I am guessing a very young age, you are not ready yet for true love between a man and woman.And nobody can fill that void you are feeling right now but yourself. Discover your self, harness your potential and be the best of what you can be. When you have love yourself enough only then will you have the capability of loving someone else. And when you truly knows how to love then you will be loved in return. When you have let go of selfishness and pettiness only then, will true love blossoms. Which I think will still take a very long time. You should not be taking these relationships too seriously to the point of being harmful to you. Most young men are not ready to be in a serious relationship anyway. They will take their time before they will commit themselves to any woman and so should you.

I don't mean to preach because I have been this in road also a few years back and I know no amount of advice well change your mind when you are intoxicated with this loving feeling. I also know how heartbroken one can get over a failed relationship but if I killed myself then I would not have enjoy the blessing of meeting my husband. If I did not hope that life would be better then I would not have been experience the marital bliss and happiness I am experiencing now. Be patient "all good things comes to those who waits."

When it comes to embarrassment, what you think is the biggest insult for you today could be only one minute fun for everybody else. Nobody remembers these things and quote it back to you. Your confidence will shut up your mudslingers. If you show you are embarrassed and guilty then people will think you are guilty. But if you show them you are unaffected then they will think it's not a big deal. It is all about how you carry yourself.

Well anyway, your story is amusing but a bit disturbing because of the suicide thing. Please put that away from your mind. No good thing will come out of it. You would miss out on many wonderful things that life has to offer.

BTW who sent this message? I am not able to send this gift to you because you did not leave your name.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bebabe Breaks His Silence

I thought that the Mitch-Reika_Bebabe-Miecky saga has been put to rest. I had mentioned a few days back that they've already settled this matter. But now, it seems this drama is still very much alive.

As I was browsing through the blog last night I found another comment at the message box, this time pinpointing bebabe as the the real culprit. Although I must say that his/her comment about Reika and Mitch's behaviour is the most impartial comment I have received so far.Which means he/she does not belong to any of the warring group but merely a concerned observer.

* This message can be found in the "Bebabe Zips His Mouth" post comment box.

In addition to this, when I checked my znotes this morning I was surprised to find Bebabe message. Finally he said the he is breaking his silence and would want to post a statement.

So here goes...

English Translation:
Hi ate pingay, I will break my silence about this issue
as I am extremely annoyed and I have enough of it.
" I never said that I did not know that I and Miecky have a relationship like what you are insisting. The three of us have already discussed it and it is already clear to all of us. You can ask Mitch, I never said that I didn't know that I and Miecky are together. Maybe you did not understand it correctly, because I never said anything like that. This issue had already been resolved but because of your meddling it is only getting worst. I hope you stop pointing fingers so that this issue will be settled. This is not your problem anyway. So please leave us alone."

So guys, you heard it from bebabe himself. I guess there will be no more confusion about who is bebabe going around with really. Sorry bebabe, I cannot promise you about not posting anymore of this issue. I cannot stop people from expressing their opinions. But as you can observe, for the past few days I barely talk about this matter since I learned that you guys have settled this already amongst yourselves. There is nothing I can do If people would leave their comments on the message box and would want to speak their mind. Be patient and let the matter die naturally. Soon people will find new things to talk about and this matter would be forgotten entirely.Until then well, if someone keeps stoking the fire then it will keep on burning.
How about it guys? Let's cut her some slack, she going through a tragic time. Our prayers are with you Shalom. Condolence from all of your friends in Zwinky. Be strong girl.

I was not able to log in to Zwinky yesterday as I was very busy and when finally I had the time, the internet traffic was not letting me log in, in any of the servers. So I stopped by briefly in my room, and few carolers stopped by to cheer me up with Christmas songs.

What a treat! Numbers was so darn cute! She would have finished the whole song had I not stopped her. :-) I really like it though. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Few More Sparks Fly

The Mitch-Reika spat seems to be far from over and is turning into a saga.I guess it would take sometime before both camps would reconcile. I can still feel the resentment from both side hovering in the air.

I passed by the bus stop late in the evening and found it abandoned. I guess everyone must be having a fun Christmas with their love ones. That's great guys! I am happy for everyone! I stayed in my room for a few minutes to warm myself by the fire and a few friends stopped by to greet me Merry Christmas. Among them was Maldita or Bhing. Such a nice young woman :-)

In real life though, where I am staying, Christmas is not as festive as in Philippines. Christians are a minority so only very few celebrates it. My husband wanted me to feel " Christmas-y" so after attending a Christmas caroling concert at the church and a special Indian dinner, he took me around the city to look for places where Christmas celebrations was going on . He went on singing Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer to me while he was driving. It was freezing cold at 6 degree but I was smiling from ear to ear.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

" This Too Shall Pass "

***********I received a very sad letter from Mhythx or Shalom today. She said like, Reika and Cutables she had decided to quit Zwinky. Oh guys, on Christmas time! Something tragic had happened to her family and I really feel sorry for her. My prayers are with you Shalom. Always remember this qoute from the Bible :

" We also have joy with our troubles, because we know that these troubles produce patience. And patience produces character, and character produces hope. And this hope will never disappoint us, because God has poured out his love to fill our hearts." Romans 5:3-5

These are the inspirational words that I kept in my heart when I was going through a rough time myself. It really helped me have a positive outlook or attitude on life even though I was coping with a big loss. I became better, life went on and time healed my wounds. "This too shall pass."

To those she hurt unintentionally, she very sorry for what she did. In the spirit of Christmas let us forgive and forget. If we alienate her in her time of loss, she will become even more withdrawn from people and her healing will take longer. It will have a damaging effect on her emotional well being as she grows up. She needs your love, understanding and support. Spread the Christmas warmth and reach out to her. :-)

By the way, I am not going to use your account. Your gifts for your baby has been taken care of.
Take care and we will be waiting for you in Zwinky.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!

Christmas is finally here! Merry Christmas everybody!!!! Hope you'll have an enjoyable Christmas this year.

Let us pray for the fast recovery of Chii_cute. She has been injured on the leg and will have to spend Christmas on crutches. Poor kid :-( Doctor says that it will take about 6 weeks before she can start walking again. Aaaw, how about the New years' myth? If New Year comes and you're still on crutches hope you'll not be 0n crutches for the whole year! Just kidding! Anyhow, take good care of your health and we , your friends in zwinky will be here to support you towards your recovery!!!!

About the gorgeous_mitch- bebabe issue, I heard that Mitch and Miecky had already spoken to each other and settled the issue amicably. Atlast, this matter has finally been resolved. In addition, when I logged into Zwinky yesterday I met friends from both camps who were deeply affected. There was a brief exchange of insults on both side but after sometime they were finally convinced to end the fight and thus reconcile with each other. Sweet_cute_lovely had especially promised me that she will say sorry to those she had said bad words to. I am holding you to that promise sweet_cute_lovely :-) Rockstar_ Rachellimm had sent me a message that you whispered to her and I am disturbed but I decided not to post them since you made this promise.

I hope Rocker Bus Stop Christmas will finally be peaceful this year!

I also heard that Reikazek and Cutables had decided to quit Zwinky. Guys, we will miss you here. Zwinky would be less colorful without you :-D Joking. We will miss you, hope you will change your mind.

BTW, smileboy 1 had apologized to me already, I guess he is new in zwinky and does not realize that when one does not answer right away he or she is probably lagging or is busy chatting with someone else. Don't take it personally if I cannot answer you right away. There are so many friends, asking questions and I can't respond to everyone all of the same time. Most of them whisper all of the same time also, just wait for your turn and I will attend to you ASAP.

And for our " exchange gift giving ", here are the list of the mommies/daddies and their corresponding babies.

" Babies singilin nyo na mga mommy nyo, hehehe!!!! "

meismeasme and ghur_18
are orphaned babies since their mommies or daddies had abandoned them. Because of this I had adopted these two babies. :-)

meismeasme and ghurl_18 your mommy is me (pingay)

*Sorry for the wrong spelling thats " emo_black angel (mommy) and sheohnkate ( baby)"

Mommies/daddies you can give your babies whatever gifts you want to give for today, since its the last day of our exchange gift giving. Make it special! Hwag maging kuripot!

Here is the recap of the daily gifts:
Day 1, dec. 18 something glittery or shimmery
day 2 dec. 19 something green pink and round
day 3 dec. 20 something with black and white and a head gear
day 4 dec. 21 something yellow and printed
day 5 dec. 2 2 something that slides
day 6 dec. 23 something long, any color

And for additional treat, everyone on the exchange gift giving group will receive a happy new year headband from me! Just write at the message box below what color you like the leaves to be and for what body type. Don't forget to put your name!

*ghur_18 since I already gave you this gift, you can ask for something of the same value ( amount).

Secret Santa is nowhere to be found hehe (na traffic sa North Pole). Might be busy with the holidays but don't worry your presents will come!!!!!

Hope that has been a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR YOU GUYS!!!! Thank you for supporting my blog!!!! Lots of Love to all of You. -Ate Pingay

Monday, December 22, 2008

Reikazek Is not " birdy"

It's true guys, Reikazek is not the one who are sending me photos. She is not " birdy."

Btw who knows smileboy1? Is he new at the bus stop or only using a new username? Hmmm. So many chatters are switching username these days, its hard to tell who we are chatting with sometimes.
I have not seen him before at the bus stop until last Saturday. I only exchange a few words with him then. So what's up? What's your problem man? What did I do to you?

I would just like to say, let us not be a bad sport and slander me, if I can't grant you zcard gifts. I can't give everyone gifts, that's why I having these contests, so you don't have to beg for it. You don't even have to thank me when you won, since you work hard for it. You don't owe me anything. But I guess some people would rather just beg than make any effort at all. At sila pa ang galit pag di mo pinagbigyan. Yun ang makapal ang mukha. Because of these, I am officially ending all my contest starting now. The last contest would be the "Tough Chick" competition. And please don't come near me anymore, asking if I have a zcard. It would be futile. I am not giving you any. Unless you can give me good reasons why I should still have my contests, maybe I will change my mind. " Wala po kayong patagong zcard sa 'kin, kaya huwag masyadong demanding okay?"

To those who joined the" exchange gift" giving, nobody forced you to join. You joined voluntarily. If your aim was just to receive gifts, naman! Anong pag-uugali yan! It is not fair to just receive gifts but not give gifts. So send your poor babies the gifts that are due to them. I will reveal your mommies and daddies on the 24th. Please leave your name if you are an orphan baby. Meaning, you had not recieved a single gift since December 18. And also if you are a neglected baby, meaning you did not received all of the gifts due you.

Someone did not leave his/her name at the Secret Santa Portion. Please identify yourself.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bebabe Zips His Mouth

I was able to catch up with bebabe last Saturday. I asked him what he can say about the fight between gorgeous_mitch and Miecky's family. Apparently, he was not even aware of what was happening. I asked him to view the blog and he was surprised when he saw it. He said he was not use to these kind of things. I also told him about a photo that someone had sent me, where he and gorgeous_mitch were giving each other kisses and hugs. I asked him if it was friendly kisses and hugs. We all blow kisses to each other in Zwinky. He said he'd rather not say anything about the issue. He would not confirm nor deny. He also asked me not to post the said photo. I chose to follow his wishes. The only statement I got from him was, " Do you know any man who doesn't like girls". Hmmm...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot !Hot ! Hot! At The Rocker Bus Stop

While the whole of Zwinky is chilling, Rocker Bus Stop is boiling, with intrigues!

The fight seems to be about a love triangle between gorgeous_mitch, bebabe and Miecky. I heard that while bebabe is going around with Miecky, bebabe was also going around with gorgeous_mitch. Miecky and her family felt hurt and aggravated with this betrayal because I think (I am not sure) gorgeous_mitch knows about the situation between Miecky and bebabe. Of course the decent thing to do in this situation is to give way to your friend and not to complicate matters. If the guy is taken hands off na. Let us not be selfish. There are plenty of fishes in the ocean. How many hot guys I lost to a friend!( In real life yan ha) Waaa! Ganun talaga in the name of friendship! Friends are valuable and they should be taken care of. You will be miserable in this world without friends. And someone better always comes along anyway, like my beloved husband hehe ( In real life ulit). "Lalaki lang yan" But I guess bebabe is one sexy guy and is just too hot to resist! Is he really that worth fighting over? :-D. Ang gwapo naman! But wait, is it not that bebabe is also sort of accountable to something? Why did he let this situation become complicated like this? Is it entirely gorgeous_mitch fault? I have not heard from gorgeous_mitch side, so it is too soon to judge. But it seems she had stepped on quite a few toes, so it's seems like this people had enough and these confrontations has been waiting to happen. This betrayal was the catalyst that trigger this mass hatred.

Personally, gorgeous_mitch has not done anything bad to me so I had nothing against her but Miecky is my friend and I feel hurt when she is hurt. I want to be fair though, and I am willing to post everybody's opinion about this matter. Positive or Negative. Have your say.

It also came to my knowledge that there was a confrontation between gorgeous_mitch and Miecky's family yesterday at the bus stop. A witness is going to send me some photos of this incident so watch for more of this issue.

I hope this issue will be resolved soon. It's Christmas, you guys! Peace :-)

White Christmas At Zwinkytopia!

While Rocker Bus Stop turned red yesterday(because of fighting), the whole of Zwinky turned white overnight. The whole place had been blanketed in snow! Plus there is a nostalgic Christmas jingle playing in the background everywhere you go. How exciting. Now we can all use the warm clothing we bought from Deck the halls. It makes my spine chill just looking at my monitor.BRRRRR.

As usual there is still no bus at the bus stop but there is a train! Yipee!

Upon clicking the train it will transport you here. A street ready for the street party on New Year's eve. Complete with New Years day counter. So exciting!

The park, also is covered in snow. And the water at the beach has frozen over. A perfect place to use those skates we bought at Deck the halls!

Kudos to you guys at Zwinky, you never fail to excite us with new fun features all the time! Zwinky rocks! Although, I hope you'll do something about your servers. Traffic can be really bad when a lot of chatters are online, especially during the holidays! It's nearly impossible to get in, which is a pity. This is the time of the year, when we would like the most to hang out with our friends in Zwinky! Your cool features will be a waste. Anyways, I still think Zwinky rocks!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Fight Brewing At The Bus Stop

A little bird had told me that Reikazek, our avid blog contributor, had been running amok at the bus stop today asking for Mitch's blood. Gorgeous_mitch is the crush ng tambayan winner.

Unfortunately, I am still not able to go to the bus stop today. ( Ano ba yan. Kainis!) So I have no first hand information. However, someone had sent me explosive photos of Reikazek's angry outburst.

Why was Reikazek so angry at gorgeous_mitch?
What is the reason behind this surprising events?
Let me investigate the matter and I will post the answer as soon as possible. Meanwhile, If you have any knowledge of this issue, do share it with us.

It's Christmas time everybody. PeaceY.

Love Triangle? That's Life Rocker Bus Stop English translation:
gorgeous_mitch: she should have not gotten involved.
gorgeous_mitch: that's why I am amused.
louie1521: They suck!
gorgeous_mitch: They are like kids.
louie1521: yeah.
gorgeous_mitch: lolz
louie1521: You are right sis.
gorgeou_mitch: Miecky is mad at me and her family here because she say's bebabe is her boyfriend.
louie1521:They are like kids. Me, I swear to you, I am your friend forever.
gorgeous_mitch: Miecky said, of all people why did bebabe chose me.As if...lolz sis.
louie1521:They're idiots. They didn't confirm first.
gorgeous_mitch: I am only a hypocrite to people who slander me.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winner of Scary Santa

Bugz has won the title Scary Santa by default since he was the only who submitted an entry for this category. And it is a very good entry also! Santa is looking very scary in this green skin tone! So Creepy!

Congratulation Bugz! Please leave your shopping list below with a total of 200 zcard gift items!

Xmas Xpress contest's aim is to give gifts to more people that's why there are more categories but with less prize.

Also after the Catwalk Star contests " Tough Chick", the upcoming contest will not solely be base on number of votes but also with the merit of the photos sent. Judging will be as follow:
70% votes, 30% creativity.

For consolation prizes, pray for donors so that I will have extra budget to buy zcards. As of now all prizes are still courtesy of my husband :-D .

Zwinky Traffic Jam

My Zwinky dashboard looked like this the whole day. :-( I was not able to get in zwinky at all. Must be because of the Christmas season. There is a huge traffic Jam on the internet.

Anyways, our First Exchange tomorrow ( Dec. 18) is something glittery or shimmery. In other words, kumukutikutitap.

Gift Total should be 100 zbucks. (Kahit ilang item basta 100 ang total)

Hope we'll be able to get in Zwinky tomorrow to shop for our babies.

Remember to send your gifts as anonymous! I will reveal your mommies and daddies on Dec. 24!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Xmas Express Winners Ugly Angel Category

Ate_zjy, has won the category Ugly Angel by default, since Jhesryl's photo entry does not qualify as an ugly angel. Too cute to be ugly :-)

Jhesryl I am sorry I could not accept your second photo entry. It was not clear which category you wanted to join. (Labo-labo yung suot po. Pinagsama-sama yung angel, devil and fairy hehehe.)

But don't worry you also won a consolation prize of 100 zcard gift items of your choice!

Ate-Zjy (200 zcard gifts) and 9517532 (100 zcard gifts) please leave your shopping list at the comment box below and I will send your gifts ASAP. Thanks for joining the contest and merry Christmas.

By the way I am also posting picture from IMVU, Club Penguin and Girl sense, so do send your photos, videos or stories from there. Thanks!!!!

Cutie _Skye is the Winner of Our Naughty (sexy) Fairy Category!!!

Please note guys that this contest are not only depending on the number of votes as I have mentioned on my previous post. Creativity have a 30% share of the total score. While graceqt has the more number of votes with 10 votes, her photo entry does not fit well with the naughty fairy category, thus giving her a low point on creativity.

Cutie_skye who has the second highest votes of 8 points and a high score for creativity, won the title of Naughtiest Fairy. Scores for each entry can be seen at below candidate's photo. Cutie_skye you have won 200zcard gift items of your choice! Leave your shopping list at the comment box below and I will send them to you asap!

Creativity: (80x 30 %) 24
Votes : (8 x 70%) 5.6
total votes: 29.6

But since it is Christmas, all contestants will have a gift! Our two contestants will have a consolation prize of 100 zcard gift items of their choice! So leave your shopping lists at the comment box!!!

Creativity: (85x 30%) 25.5
Votes: (5x 70%) 3.5
Total score : 29

Creativity: ( 50X30%) 15
Votes: (10X 70 %) 7
total: 22

Cutie_skye 200 zcard gifts, Meryl--ed 100 zcard gifts, graeqt 100 zcard gifts. Please claim your prizes!
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confession box: True friend..Flirting by Reikazek

You know, if you're a flirtatious person at heart, then that's just you.

Then she says in a friendly conversation, 'I'm just a little flirtatious.' ....OK, like that's not gonna make me worry., and I always notice her flirting with a lot of other boys. So I tell her this, and all the sudden shes in defense mode. 'I mean I goof around with our friends, like giving them a hard time and stuff. That is what I meant, so I don't flirt but I goof around and THAT could be considered flirting.'

....

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