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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zwinky Chatting Etiquette 101

For the next few days I wanna share some observations that I have gathered during my entire zwinky chat-life. Some of them disturbing, humorous and just plain annoying.

1. Zcard Blues.This is a classic. Anyone who has ever worn a zcard clothing, can time and again fell victim to the ever persistent zwinky chatters who keep asking, " Have you got a Zcard?" " Can you buy me a zcard hair please?" Which is quite futile as no zcard holder zwinky chatter will ever buy you anything with their zcard if you are not their friends. Nothing turns one off as being approach by a total stranger with this request. Please guys we wanna enjoy chatting with friends without being constantly plagued with these annoying demands.

Zcard scamming has also evolved in different ways. One of them is dressing up as a cutie and come asking for a mom. This chatters know very well who to ask and who are wearing zcard stuff. They will ask to visit your room and then beg to buy them zcard stuff. Some would go as far as befriending you and would patiently wait through out the day hoping that they can sweeten their way in getting a zcard gift. One girl even told me, when it become apparent that I am not buying her anything, that she has only wasted her time chatting with me.

Worst are people hacking other user accounts with promises of giving them zcards by asking for the chatter's password. Really guys, how can anyone enjoy something which is stolen. You will be find out and no one will ever trust or befriend you afterwards.

Desiring for a zcard can get so bad for some to the point that due to their frustaration they will start a fight with someone wearing a zcard stuff and would throw cakes at them.

The funny thing though is like karma, this chatter who used to beg for zcard item and then was finally gifted with one, would be getting the same question " Do you have a zcard?" only then would this person realize how really annoying this question is.

But what is the psychology of this incredible desire for a zcard? People want what they can't have. The more unattainable something is the more the more it becomes desirable. Like in real life, one has an perception that having the exclusive stuff could propel you to popularity and therefore would deemed you " the coolest " amongst your friend. It's remarkable to note that although there are a lot of free stuff that you can buy in Zwinky by buying through zbucks, chatters are not satisfied with this.

Remember guys, personality is the key. Even if you are wrapped in zcard from head to toe if you have an attitude problem people will never like you. Even your avatar can reflect what kind of person you are . Chatting is supposed to be fun and people get in there to unwind after a stressful day, so be respectful of each others' space and live a hamonious virtual life. Peace to everyone :-) Y

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