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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sent by Meismeasme or Chelsea. Extremely Disturbing....

If you find yourself being abused verbally in Zwinky , It's always best just to keep quiet. Eventually, the other person will give up. The more you give her/him the attention the more she/he will want to show off. Always remember guys that zwinky is a virtual world that the person can only hurt you by allowing her/his words to affect you.

Never take anything seriously, be it fight or relationship, unless in relationship if the person is sincere by giving his real name and is committed to you. But even then it is best to take things lightly and not too seriously to avoid further heartaches.

One secret I can tell you about men is that while a guy is talking to you he is meanwhile checking up other girls usernames and is already looking for the next girl he wants to chat with. They are very curious all the time and the sense of mystery about an unknown woman always attract them. Once name , age and location are revealed, unless your answers are witty, there interest dissipate. They will only stay with you if they sense by your answer that you have an interesting personality. (peace boys, you can correct me if I am wrong.)

While I don't approve of my name or my person being used in an argument or in a fight I understand that perhaps you thought that it would be useful to you, so this time it is okay. But please I certainly do not like people putting words in my mouth or quoting me untruthfully so please avoid doing so in the future.

I don't understand the thrill people get from abusing other people. For me, It only looks like a desperate attempt to gain attention. I guess misery loves company.

There are better things to do in Zwinky.Why not join the contests and be popular in a fun way? Hahaha :-D Peace to everyone.

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