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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Funny Message Part 2 " Toinks!

Ann105: Ate pwede din bang ipost nyo na wanted bf plz si pinoy kasi pinalitan ako eh huhuhu :(
(Can you please post that I am looking for a boyfriend because pinoy had left me for another woman.)

Anybody interested?

Guys, for the sake of being impartial (for fairness sake) I will not vote for any contestant for any contest because I am the organizer. Hope you understand :-)

Guys do you remember this Ka_zwinkers? Yes she is the same one as photo below. Until now she has not figure out how to send photos on my znotes! So please guys try to help her. Magpapamisa ako pag nakapagpadala na sya picture! ( I will celebrate the day she's finally figure out how to send photo on my znotes! )

But I do salute her for trying her best to speak tagalog to the point of using the internet language interpreter which now we know, is not that relaible cause even us can't undestand what she means!

Thank you chelsea or meisme.. for your support and interest in the blog. For sure I will take photo of your room when we had the chance to meet at zwinky. Mabuhay ka!From Rockstar: I wish my zwinky deskstop works! It's always not responding, what should I do?Lolz! Guys as much as I want to help you, zwinkytopia's technical problems is not within my control. Taga balita lang poh! (I'm just a reporter :-) Can anyone help them?
From Rockstar: Gawa pa po kayo ng mga contest, nag eenjoy po ako! Please have more contest, I am enjoying it!

Guys I am happy for all your positive response to my blog. I have more gimmicks tucked up my sleeves so watch out for it!

I have been receiving plenty photo from you guys so I thought of coming up with a new page called "Me and My Avatar". Send artistic photo of yourself with your avatar and better yet send your email id at so you can post your photos directly.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for all the followers, Mabuhay kayo!

Thanks and have a good day!


xharmein said...

hahahah! pwede bang tumawa ! hahahaha!
nkakatawa si ann! hahaha! wooo... hai nako ate pingay =]]

nakatuwa din ung ng papatulong d makapasok sa zwinktopia! hehehe..=]] costumer care ka na te =]

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...


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