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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zwinky Chatting Etiquette 101

For the next few days I wanna share some observations that I have gathered during my entire zwinky chat-life. Some of them disturbing, humorous and just plain annoying.

1. Zcard Blues.This is a classic. Anyone who has ever worn a zcard clothing, can time and again fell victim to the ever persistent zwinky chatters who keep asking, " Have you got a Zcard?" " Can you buy me a zcard hair please?" Which is quite futile as no zcard holder zwinky chatter will ever buy you anything with their zcard if you are not their friends. Nothing turns one off as being approach by a total stranger with this request. Please guys we wanna enjoy chatting with friends without being constantly plagued with these annoying demands.

Zcard scamming has also evolved in different ways. One of them is dressing up as a cutie and come asking for a mom. This chatters know very well who to ask and who are wearing zcard stuff. They will ask to visit your room and then beg to buy them zcard stuff. Some would go as far as befriending you and would patiently wait through out the day hoping that they can sweeten their way in getting a zcard gift. One girl even told me, when it become apparent that I am not buying her anything, that she has only wasted her time chatting with me.

Worst are people hacking other user accounts with promises of giving them zcards by asking for the chatter's password. Really guys, how can anyone enjoy something which is stolen. You will be find out and no one will ever trust or befriend you afterwards.

Desiring for a zcard can get so bad for some to the point that due to their frustaration they will start a fight with someone wearing a zcard stuff and would throw cakes at them.

The funny thing though is like karma, this chatter who used to beg for zcard item and then was finally gifted with one, would be getting the same question " Do you have a zcard?" only then would this person realize how really annoying this question is.

But what is the psychology of this incredible desire for a zcard? People want what they can't have. The more unattainable something is the more the more it becomes desirable. Like in real life, one has an perception that having the exclusive stuff could propel you to popularity and therefore would deemed you " the coolest " amongst your friend. It's remarkable to note that although there are a lot of free stuff that you can buy in Zwinky by buying through zbucks, chatters are not satisfied with this.

Remember guys, personality is the key. Even if you are wrapped in zcard from head to toe if you have an attitude problem people will never like you. Even your avatar can reflect what kind of person you are . Chatting is supposed to be fun and people get in there to unwind after a stressful day, so be respectful of each others' space and live a hamonious virtual life. Peace to everyone :-) Y

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sent by Meismeasme or Chelsea. Extremely Disturbing....

If you find yourself being abused verbally in Zwinky , It's always best just to keep quiet. Eventually, the other person will give up. The more you give her/him the attention the more she/he will want to show off. Always remember guys that zwinky is a virtual world that the person can only hurt you by allowing her/his words to affect you.

Never take anything seriously, be it fight or relationship, unless in relationship if the person is sincere by giving his real name and is committed to you. But even then it is best to take things lightly and not too seriously to avoid further heartaches.

One secret I can tell you about men is that while a guy is talking to you he is meanwhile checking up other girls usernames and is already looking for the next girl he wants to chat with. They are very curious all the time and the sense of mystery about an unknown woman always attract them. Once name , age and location are revealed, unless your answers are witty, there interest dissipate. They will only stay with you if they sense by your answer that you have an interesting personality. (peace boys, you can correct me if I am wrong.)

While I don't approve of my name or my person being used in an argument or in a fight I understand that perhaps you thought that it would be useful to you, so this time it is okay. But please I certainly do not like people putting words in my mouth or quoting me untruthfully so please avoid doing so in the future.

I don't understand the thrill people get from abusing other people. For me, It only looks like a desperate attempt to gain attention. I guess misery loves company.

There are better things to do in Zwinky.Why not join the contests and be popular in a fun way? Hahaha :-D Peace to everyone.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chelsea Did It Again!

Celebrations!!! Yay! Finally Chelsea or Meismeasme has been able to send photos!!! She has been among the first one who wanted to send photos on our blog ever since we started this page. She finally figure it out!!! Claps, claps!!!!!

But as usual she made up my day by sending her classic "chuckle worthy " messages. As you can see on the left photo, she said Paulamarie while posing for a photo on her Halloween inspired room. And later sent a following message asking me what the word Paulamarie means. She said she saw it at buy_me_a_zcard photo so she copied it. Meismeasme, you get a hug from me for being so unintentionally funny! Mabuhay ka!

BTW you are included in the Best room , Christmas decoration contest. Good luck!

" Glenn_Ramos is Not My Boyfriend " A Special Interview With Rockstar_Rachellim92

Rockstar_Rachellin had approached me, asking for an interview regarding a gossip that was circulating around zwink,y that glenn_ramos is her boyfriend. Please view the video for her full statement. For the english translation of the video please visit CONFESSION BOX.

To be fair, we would like to hear from glenn_ramos' side, so please leave your reaction about this interview at the comment box below.

Paging Bebabe the winner of Crush Ng Tambayan contest. Please claim your prize and send me your shopping list so I can send the gifts to you. Thanks! (Parang ayaw po nyang i-claim)

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bebabe 1905 a.ka. Nathan " The Crush Ng Tambayan" Winner!!!!

The most popular guy at Rocker Bus Stop had been decided!!!! Yes Guyz, you have spoken! Bebabe is our official Crush ng Tambayan, winning with the leading vote since the beginning of the contest and now finishing with the outstanding vote of 205 points. The biggest total votes so far. He is followed closely by Glenn_Ramos with 199 votes,who although started late in the competition due to a technical error had fought neck to neck with Bebabe inthe past week and was leading the competition for a few days until Bebabe scoop the winning place with an outstanding comeback on the last day of the contest. Erick came in third with 138 votes after trying to stay on the lead at the start of the contest but Bebabe was not an easy contender to beat!

Congratulations Bebabe! We had enjoyed watching the progression of this contest and you deserve to win the title of being the most popular hottie in the tambayan!

You are now the official Filipino representative on the upcoming Mr. And Ms. Universe Zwinky contest!

Do leave your shopping list at comment box below and I will send you your prize ASAP. You can choose either wardrobe or furniture. It's your wish! Thank you for joining!

*Please always check day/hours left to vote at the bottom of vote button so there is no confusion about when the poll is going to close. I am sorry if there was any confusion about this matter. It was not my intention to do so, it might have been a misunderstanding. Please accept my apology.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Anne And Jason Wedding Video Reloaded

Guys I heard that a lot of you are not able to view Anne and Jason wedding video so I reloaded it again. Please let me know if you still cannot view this video and I will try to correct the error. Or refer to You Tube Help menu. Make sure you clear your internet cache' and cookies before viewing the video. If you're using firefox, it is located at tools menu, clear private date. If you are using internet explorer go to internet options at tool menu . Please write down anymore videos you can't view at the comment box below and I will remedy it asap. Thanks! :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Funny Message Part 2 " Toinks!

Ann105: Ate pwede din bang ipost nyo na wanted bf plz si pinoy kasi pinalitan ako eh huhuhu :(
(Can you please post that I am looking for a boyfriend because pinoy had left me for another woman.)

Anybody interested?

Guys, for the sake of being impartial (for fairness sake) I will not vote for any contestant for any contest because I am the organizer. Hope you understand :-)

Guys do you remember this Ka_zwinkers? Yes she is the same one as photo below. Until now she has not figure out how to send photos on my znotes! So please guys try to help her. Magpapamisa ako pag nakapagpadala na sya picture! ( I will celebrate the day she's finally figure out how to send photo on my znotes! )

But I do salute her for trying her best to speak tagalog to the point of using the internet language interpreter which now we know, is not that relaible cause even us can't undestand what she means!

Thank you chelsea or meisme.. for your support and interest in the blog. For sure I will take photo of your room when we had the chance to meet at zwinky. Mabuhay ka!From Rockstar: I wish my zwinky deskstop works! It's always not responding, what should I do?Lolz! Guys as much as I want to help you, zwinkytopia's technical problems is not within my control. Taga balita lang poh! (I'm just a reporter :-) Can anyone help them?
From Rockstar: Gawa pa po kayo ng mga contest, nag eenjoy po ako! Please have more contest, I am enjoying it!

Guys I am happy for all your positive response to my blog. I have more gimmicks tucked up my sleeves so watch out for it!

I have been receiving plenty photo from you guys so I thought of coming up with a new page called "Me and My Avatar". Send artistic photo of yourself with your avatar and better yet send your email id at so you can post your photos directly.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for all the followers, Mabuhay kayo!

Thanks and have a good day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Eto Pa! Xharmein And Erick Nuptial Full Length Video

Going by how crazy zwinktopia is, no wedding will ever go smoothly but that's where the fun starts. Hope you enjoyed the video!

Please leave your messages, thoughts,questions and suggestions on the comment box below instead of my zwinky profile. If you don't have a blog you can leave your message as anonymous and just leave your name. Thanks guys! Have a great day!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is it! Anne and Jason Wedding Video Full Expose'

Hello friends!!! Hope you had a good weekend! As you can see busy-ing busy ang tambayan this past week. Birthdays, Double wedding, christening and of course our very first winner of Catwalk start contest has been decided! Congratulations to Stefi a.k.a. Mega_star. Hope she is enjoying her prize right now. Mega_star be prepared for a thank you video, pag nagkita tayo sa Bus Stop. Also I hope all the past contestant of Catwalk stars will be present on wednesday at Paladin Lexi hall after lunch for our group picture and one last walk sa rampa!

I hope you enjoyed the video of Anne and Jason. Super funny ang mga bisita!

The contest for " Crush ng Tambayan " girls edition has now started so don't forget to vote!

Please leave your messages, reactions,queries or suggestions here at the comment box instead of my zwinky profile as I visit this page more often. But you can continue to send your pics at znotes on my profile.

I am currently editing Xharmein and Erick's wedding video so be sure to visit again in a few minutes!

Thanks guys ! Mabuhay kayo! :-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double Wedding Celebration !!! Watch out for the full wedding videos in a little while.

To be continued....
Xharmein Erick Nuptial

to be continued....
Anne Jason pre-wedding chaos

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get To Know Our Boys " Crush ng Tambayan" Presents

Good work guys! video's turned out nice. Thanks for your participations!
Catwalk candidates, you ca still view your video at the blog archive (old posts)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Catwalk Stars Presents " Red Carpet Divas " Mega _Star, Claudine, Miecky & Cutables

Finally na complete na rin. Sorry to other finalists who was not able to have their videos taken. If you are available tomorrow I will be again at the Paladin server Lexi Hall. See ya. Hope you had a nice weekend guys. Have a great week a head!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catwalk Stars Presents " Red Carpet Divas" Xharmein And Jhazape

Finally I was able to upload one video! Due to a technical difficulty I can only post one video at a time. Installment kung baga!

Tomorrow I will be on a holiday, (quality time with my hubby.) so I will see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend guys! Love you all.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Change of Server : Video Fiasco

Hi mga ka zwinkers! Unfortunately we have to change server for our video shoot today. Maraming pong nanggulo sa shooting, tulad ng inyong napanood. Sa mga susunod na araw ay ipapaalam ko po sa inyo kung sino at kung bakit nanggugulo ang babaeng iyan.

We constantly have to look for a deserted Lexi Hall in different servers but the woman was able to follow us.

BTW I am sorry I could not edit the expletives (curses). PG na lang sa mga bagets.

Watch out for the video of our first batch contestants. Medyo matagal ngayon mag upload sa You tube. Kaya installment muna.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Special Announcement for Catwalk Stars Finalists

Hi to you beautiful people!!! Good morning good morning! Please watch the video for our special announcement. Opo, video shoot po! Sosyal na tayong mga taga Bus Stop Rocker, may video shooting na tayo. Magbihis ng pinaka maganda at mag prepare nang konting speech like, pang Ms. Universe hehehe. Pangpadag -dag boto rin yun!

Contests end on November 15, kaya makakahabol pa kayo kay mega_star. Stefi grabe ang lamang mo! Landslide ata ang botohan parang si Barack Obama.

Anyways kita kits tayo sa Lexi hall at Paladin server. Good day to all!

Ang Pinagsimulan ng Lahat

Mga ka zwinkers, eto na po ang buong kwento ng kaguluhang ito. Napagalaman ko din po na nagpatuloy pa rin ang pangugulo ni Cute0420 sa room ni Stefi o Mega_star ng sumunod na araw. Hindi na po tayo naka kuha ng scoop sa dahilang private po ang room na iyon.

Nagsimula po ang away dahil sa ginawa ni Cute0420 kay cutables na mama ni mhythx o shalom. Nang nagkita sila sa Bus stop nag simula na po silang magpalitan ng masasakit na salita. Dahil sa sobrang foul ng mga salita hindi na rin nakapag pigil si Jason a.k.a. ur_angel010 upang pakiusapn si Cute0420 na tumigil na at manahimik ngunit parang lalo pang natuwa si Cute0420 sa madaming attensyon na natatangap at inaway pati si Jason at ang halos lahat ng namagkakatropa sa Bus Stop. Di naglaon ay di nayata nakayan ni Cute0420 ang buong pwersa ng tropa at ito'y biglang nag poof.

Nagsalita na rin po si mhythx0412 . Sinabi nya na hindi sya nag nagsimula ng away na ito at dagdag pa niya na isang hacker itong si Cute0420 at gumagamit ng tatlong user Id para makipagkaibigan sa mga zwinkers na may zcrad.
Para sa kabuoan ng statement ni mythx, inyong bisitahing ang " Write Your heart Out ".

Kayo ba ay nabiktima ni Cute0420? Ipaalam sa amin ang inyong kwento.

Salamat sa lahat ng bumibista sa blog. Mabuhay kayo! :-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

According to my sources,(in other words spy, wahahaha , oo mga kababayan meron akong spy hehe minsan nasa paligid nyo ko hindi nakikita , parang ghost.) may matinding sagutan na naganap kahapon sa Rocker Bus Stop between Cutie0240 and Mythx0412. Muntik na itong mauwi sa bugbugan. Talagang nagkiinitan at umabot ng halos higit dalawang oras ang palitaan ng maaanghang na salita. Di nagtagal halos nagalit na kay Cutie0240 ang lahat ng mga pinoy sa Bus Stop at kinuyog sya. (Paging fafa Erick! Translate mo 'to in english!) Ano nga ba ang dahilan ng away na ito? Abangan bukas ang kasagutan. (sympre para suspense.)

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Photos of the fight

BTW guys, Crush ng Tambayan (Male cutie/hottie edition)will start on Monday, November 10, 2008. Ipadala lang ninyo ang names ng mga gusto sumali, with Avatar photo/age/favorite motto/hobbies.800 zcard worth of gifts of your choice (wardrobe or furniture) at stake!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Prize Award For The Best Room Competition Had Been Sent And Received.

Check out Xharmein's newly decorated room. She was the winner of the Best Room contest.

"Catwalk Stars" contest is now ongoing. Show your support to your friends and cast your votes!
800 zcard worth of wardrobe gifts at stake!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Finally the final ballot was in! According to our ka-zwinkers their favorite room is Xharmein's room who collected the highest number of votes with 20 points (what a come back! ) , remotely followed by Mega_star with 13 votes. Mega_star is closely followed by Bluepanties with 12 votes. Total number of votes was 57. Wow, you guys worked hard at the last day of voting! Congratulations!

Xharmein please send your Zloft furniture choices with the color combination you like and I will send it to you as soon as possible. Congratulations! And many thanks to everyone who participated. Watch out for our next best room contest with Christmas decoration as our theme.

Be ready for interview (*scratches head) and picture taking :-D

Last day of submission for entries of " Catwalk Star " competition. Voting will officially start tomorrow and will run for two weeks. Entries that I will received tomorrow will no longer be included in the contest as the poll can no longer be edited as soon as the voting has started.

Good luck guys!!!! See you at the Bus Stop!

One Day To Go!

Hey mga ka-tropa! Only one day is left for our Best Room with " Halloween Theme" contest! Bluepanties is now head to head with Xharmein with both of them having 10 votes(28% of votes). Marami silang friends, hehehe. Winner of this contest will get 400 zcard worth of furniture of their choice at the zloft. Support your friends and vote now!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Maraming salamat mga ka tropa! Thank you for leaving your comments and feed backs. Hope to hear more from you! Ginaganahan akong pagandahin 'tong blog na 'to sobra! Thanks guys!

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Then she says in a friendly conversation, 'I'm just a little flirtatious.' ....OK, like that's not gonna make me worry., and I always notice her flirting with a lot of other boys. So I tell her this, and all the sudden shes in defense mode. 'I mean I goof around with our friends, like giving them a hard time and stuff. That is what I meant, so I don't flirt but I goof around and THAT could be considered flirting.'

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