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Friday, February 27, 2009

So Cool Avis


Here are my pick of some of the coolest avatars on my buddy list at IMVU. Hot! hot! Avis on Monday. Have a great weekend guys. Luv yah all. :-)

*xoxoannexoxo a.k.a. Haruko sakugari, kharen90 a.k.a blah_blah, kristalen a.k.a Hiraki Hunter, doodlenoodle 123 a.k.a Maylyzu.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

" Tropang Pinoy " Music Video!!! Wooohooo!!!!

Waaaa!!!!The audio of this music video is Bebot by blackeyed peas. You tube had muted it! :-( and I ha to replace it with a new soundtrack from their library (audio swap). Sorry guys di naka lusot. I edited this to the beat of " Bebot ". I hope you still like it anyway.

There are more Filipinos in the gang but unfortunately I am not able to include them all due to the timing of our log in. These members of the group are the ones who are always logged in on the same time.

Thank you to all of you who participated in this music video. Salamat sa pasensya sa kakulitan ko hehehe. Kris_pinkaloo look for yourself in this music video, you will be surprised that you are here hehehe. Keep on rockin! Cyah around! Mwah!

Better and Higher resolution version of " Beautiful Ones" Music video

Hi guys I 'm so glad you liked this music video. For your viewing pleasure I uploaded a better video resolution, meaning the video is not too faded or pixelated. Enjoy!

BTW watch out for " Topang Pinoy " music video, it is already in you tube but they removed the music " bebot" which I as soundtrack. Bummer! I am waiting for the audio swap from them. I will try to post it here tomorrow if I can replace it with an audio that is not copyrighted.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Video by Patriciadas aka Crystalscorpio

Nice Work Pat! Just let me know if you have videos also at you tube and I will look for it and post it here.

Btw, as always the competition among the boys are tight. As of the moment glenn_ramos is leading with 134 votes, followed closely by Colins222 with 1117 votes and there are still 10 more days to go! Better catch up guys! Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

" The Beautiful Ones" Music Video

Hope you liked this music video. If you want your own music video just leave a message here and I will love to make one for you, when I got the time! Have a great week guys! Thanks to everyone who participated in this video. Luv yah! Mwha!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Girls Night Out!!!!

Wooohooo!!!! What a fun night with the girls! First we stop by the the salon to beautify ourselves. Then we hit the road on my gleaming white convertible. We arrived at the club in style and partied all night long. Wohooo! What a fun night girls! What you waiting for mga ka tropa? Tara na!

BTW, hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know if its not working. I am not sure if the song I used is copyrighted. If it is. It won't probably play if your located in the Philippines.

Dance Fever !!!!

Wohooo! Some of the girls dropped by yesterday and we rocked the house, with our killer dance moves! Watch out for the video, coming soon! I can't wait for all of you to log in. It's going to be so much fun. Party on! Happy Valentines to all of you!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kate-licious aka cutables Plus New Disco Room!

Finally I have got a chance to drop by Kate's place or as lovingly called by her numerous kids at Zwinky "mommy cuta ". Well woot woot! What a stunner!!! She was really gorgeous in her almost ( I think) Indian inspired outfit!

Back in Zwinky. The bus stop was filled with Cuties in costume. The holiday is Valentines not holloween, right? Hehehe. Anyway as usual they were in their "makulit" mood, just having fun. Also there was a sightings of long time absentees like Jason or Ur_angel with his sweetheart Haruko.

BTW guys we are planning an awarding party for Queen of Hearts on Saturday at Zwinky Burger and afterwards at IMVU. I have got this cool disco room for us! Hope to see you there :-)Wooohooo parteee!!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wooohooo Beach Parteee !!!!



Finally, my dream of having a beach party with my dear friends in Zwinky came true! A lot of friends dropped in the beach today and made the beach so lively and fun. Thanks guys!
Hope to hang out with you some more soon. Sorry Darla aka chii cute, I was not able to take
a close up photo of you, when you came in I was already lagging also I lost my connection. When I came back I was looking for you but you were not on my buddy list. Add me :-) Thanks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Xharmien!!!!!

Today' s Xhamien bday guys! Sorry for the late post. We had a small celebration in my room early this morning. Of course it was full of laughter with jokers like Ikos and Sid around. Tatay came in later.

In this box above, Ikos said. " Sid is so
good looking"

Sid replied, " Ikaw naman..."

"Masyado kang honest"


In this box, we were singing happy birthday to Xharmien.

Sid said " Happy birthday to you, you
belong to the zoo."


Happy Birthday Xharmien!!!!
How old are you na? Why don't you
want to accept gifts? Lolz, kakaiba ka. Others are begging for gifts you are declining lolz.

Later that afternoon Shalom aka Mhythx 0412 gave me a visit at the beach. Astig. She has wings.

Well hope to see more of you there.
Hope we all can meet there and have a big party. Kung hindi mag lag. BTW Ista is planning for a party
for valentines day. Kung sino sino daw ang present. Check her blog for more details.

Take care :-) See yah!

Love it or Hate it

I made a new dress for IMVU again. This one I love. It's now on the catalog. Do check it out when you got the time. It's an Indian inspired printed floor length tube dress. Hope you like it guys. If you have any suggestions do leave it here. Thanks! Mwah.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spending The Day With Goth_Melina

I had an enjoyable day again at IMVU, this time with goth_melina. She enjoyed the para gliding and sailing very much that she said she'll do her school assignments later that evening. Hope her mother not viewing this! Lol! I don't want to be a bad influence. Better do your assignments before logging on IMVU, it's quiet addictive hehe.


I also tried making my own clothes here. The white baby tee with pink print was my own design. But I can only wear it if I submit it to the catalog. For that I have to pay submission fees of something like 300 credits plus derivation fess. And I can't pass it on to my friends for free. Bummer! :-(

BTW Thanks to all who had left their IMVU Id's here. I will all add you as soon as possible. :-)

with Mhythx

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hanging Out With Pat a.ka. crystalscorpio At The Beach

I have found two dear friends from Zwinky at IMVU. Patriciadas aka crystalscorpio at Zwinky or hotncold87 in IMVU, and Cutables or watagirlashes in IMVU.

Pat and I hanged out on my private beach. We tried para sailing and just chilling out in the hammock. Everyone is welcome also. There are tons of things to do there. There is also para gliding and a bar for party. Hope you guys can drop by sometime so we can all have a party.

Don't feel abandoned my friends in Zwinky, I am coming back there soon. I am just trying this out for variety. And also I set up this places so that we can have more variety of fun activities to do. So hope to see you all there sometime. :-)

With Goth_melina:

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Account in IMVU

Guys, I have activated my account now at IMVU! Do add me, cocoartkph and drop by my place anytime! See you there!
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My IMVU HOMe page

The Hieress Collection

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Page 12 ( click image for previous pages)
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confession box: True friend..Flirting by Reikazek

You know, if you're a flirtatious person at heart, then that's just you.

Then she says in a friendly conversation, 'I'm just a little flirtatious.' ....OK, like that's not gonna make me worry., and I always notice her flirting with a lot of other boys. So I tell her this, and all the sudden shes in defense mode. 'I mean I goof around with our friends, like giving them a hard time and stuff. That is what I meant, so I don't flirt but I goof around and THAT could be considered flirting.'

....

Zwinky Mix by di Masaway

Zwinky Mix by di Masaway
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