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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jacuzzi Party

We had a lot of fun early this morning when Krissy, tay Brad and ellacindy plus some aliens visitors dropped by my crib to sample the Jacuzzi. Tay Brad was sporting his " I'm too sexy" shorts with suspender. It was hilarious. Too bad Xharmein was not there, it will be all the more fun. We were waiting for you mein. Too bad I could not stay online longer. See you guys soon :-)

Claudine, please tell your friend Kirby that he was not the one I was asking to leave the room. I think he thought I was talking to him. I was asking the girl who hacked boody, to leave.

BTW, The voting for the Queen of Hearts Contest has officially started. Good luck girls! Have fun!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zwinky Celebrates Valentines

Hey, hey, hey!!!! Love is in the air! And is in Zwinky too! A shop dedicated to Valentines had opened on Zwinky yesterday. The shop is called " Red" . And of course everybody was in there shopping. Lot's of cute stuff on the rack so make sure to stop by and check it out.
Even Zburger was dressed up so romantically for that special date with your special someone!

And of course to imbibe the spirit of this romantic season, I have splurge on my room decoration for this occasion. I am feeling romantic with this sooo sexy ambiance. Please drop in anytime on my room whenever I'm online. I'm renting out my room for you hot lovers out there. LOL ;-D

BTW, The "Queen of Hearts" contest will start on February 1 until February 12, so make sure to submit your photos in time. No "pahabol" after Feb.1. Guys, don't miss out on the chance to win zcard gift items especially now that there are lots of cute items available at the " Red" shop. Wait you waiting for? Join na!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss You Guys !!!!

Sorry I haven't been around Zwinky lately. I miss you guys but my new graphic novel is taking much of my time. I hope you are liking it.I also apologize for not coming up with a new episode of the blogserye. The actors are mostly not available when I get online and I couldn't stay online for long also. I am looking for a co- director for the blogserye. If you have a hypercam and editing, I will give you the script. Please let me know if you are interested.

BTW, I saw Reika today at the bus stop. Is she back regularly at Zwinky again? WB!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Filipinos At The Bus Stop Stil Alive And Thriving

These past few weeks, the bus stop had seemed like a ghost town to me as it was almost entirely abandoned by Filipinos everytime I get a chance to pop in there . I heard that most of them are hanging out at IMVU. I also heard that most male chatter are finding it more entertaining as it offers more features that's very attractive to them like kissing and stuff. Hahaha. I also have an account there but my computer encountered a problem when I was online there so I have to uninstalled it . Maybe one day I will check it out again.

But yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find the " usual suspects " hanging out at the bus stop again. As usual, these guys are boisterous and full of life. I popped in the middle of the a fight, now a staple diet at the bus stop, between schiwn and sai. Nothing serious I think. But it was so good to see these familiar faces,er avatars. I didn't realized how much I missed them lol!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogserye Love Team Turn Real Life Sweethearts

Last week I had saw blah_blah and Colins, ( our love team of That Old Meeting Place blogserye, Balugz and Thalia ) at the bus stop. I was surprised to see the two huddling close to each other and Collins blurting out " I love to you " blah_blah. I asked them what's the status of their relationship. Collins said that , blah has not yet consented to be his girlfriend and that she was still thinking about it.

Yesterday, blah dropped by my room and I asked her again about her and Colins. She said the other day, Colins and her mom Kris-pinkaloo had filled Colins' room with flowers waiting for her. He had logged in at Zwinky very early and waited for her patiently even if she logged in very late. Colin's might have waited for long but not in vain. Blah hadfinally given her heart to Colins. I guess she was swept off her feet. But who wouldn't? He was so romantic and devoted ! How can she say no ? Ka kilig! Congrats you guys! I am happy for both of you. :-)

" Naglaro mga bata " Inday britney is ate_zjy. The other skin head is blah_blah.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Unbeatable Sisters!!!!

Hey guys, the poll for " Battle of The Giants " has just ended!!!! Ghurl_18 has maintained her lead since day 1 and won the first place with a whopping 261 votes! Wow! She has won the title " Best of the best of 2008! " You Rock girl! She is followed closely by her sister gorgeous_mitch with 241 votes and mahmegs with 231 votes! Mega-star who were fighting neck to neck with mahmegs for the no. 3 spot landed the 4th place with 198 votes.
Prizes are as follows:

Ghurl_18 1000 zcard gifts
gorgeous_mitch 500 zcard gifts
mahmegs 400 zcard gifts
mega_star 300 zcard gifts
Xharmein 200 zcard gifts
glenn_ramos 200 zcard gifts

Please leave your shopping list below. Thanks for participating guys!!!!
Watch out for the King and Queen of Hearts Rocker Bus Stop. Applications now open!!! Send your photos and bio now!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

For Adults Only, Sorry Kids! Stictly PG !

We had lots of laughs and naughty good fun at Maldita and Croix's Bridal Shower Stag party combo. Sorry for the minors who dropped by, ( who poofed as soon as they saw what was happening) it was an strictly for adults only party.

Pre bridal shower rehearsal. Who is the girl behind the curtain?


Maldita-Croix Bridal Shower-Stag Party :-D

Brad_adams a.ka. tatay was the star of the night, over shadowing the sex appeal goddess Xharmein, with his to- die- for moves on the dance floor. Giling(slowly) lolz. My tummy ached from laughing.
Girl in pink, getting drunk is Ellacindy hahaha ;-D
After the bride and groom left we went bar hopping and dropped by Ikos' room which were appropriately decorated as a bar. Juice me! Mukhang beer house! hahaha. Here things really went wild and crazy...err not what your thinking :-P We had a lot of laughs playing tricks with the confetti, noise maker and kisses. But they are too graphic to post here lolz! Guys these are avatars, nothing much we can do here. Hahaha. But nevertheless, everyone had a jolly good fun. We couldn't stop laughing! Guys you are hilarious!!!!
from left: Erick, Xharmein, bebabe, Miecky, honeybunch_adams

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Xharmein Learned A New Cheat

Yup, Xharmein has learned a new trick! Here she is showing off! Lolz! What is it? You figure it out! Hahahaha. Bawal ang green minded ;-P


BTW guys, I am imposing a strictly formal dress code policy on my house. You have to be dressed appropriately whenever want you drop by my room. You can have your own dress code too!!! You can impose an emo, goth, rock etc. dress code policy on your room. It's going to be a lot of fun. More excuses to use those clothes we keep in our wardrobe. Send me you dress code notice so everyone will know what to wear whenever they want to visit your room! Enjoy! Arreverderci!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Decorating Bug


Oh my, the decorating bug has bit me and I can't seem to stop. This is the latest look of my room. And below is a photo of Xharmein and I having a "formal" dinner.

I also again got a chance to visit one of my favorite decorators, Ludian and again I was amazed. She's got talent. Her room was quite charming and fairy tale like.

Room Decoration Ideas

I have noticed that lately most Zwinkers have been enjoying the comfort of hanging out in their rooms, so I dug up some decorating ideas for your rooms. Have fun decorating!

Kids RoomPhotobucket
Cool Room.
Victorian Style Room. If you want to achieve Victorian style, the most important thing to remember is to have many decorative things. For some the effect may look crowded or even cluttered to some extent but pleasing combination of many things like, wood paneling, floral wallpapers, stained glass, pottery tiles, and parquet and marble flooring is the key feature of Victorian style.
Colorful Modern Room.
Shabby Chic.(My favorite) The essence of shabby chic style is vintage and antique furniture painted white (or another soft pastel color) and distressed at the corners by sanding. Pink, mint green, and soft aqua are also popular colors seen in accessories and fabrics.

Popular decor items are pillows made of vintage barkcloth fabric, vintage linens, chenille bedspreads, vintage chandeliers, and anything with roses on it. It is a soft, relaxed feminine romantic way of decorating that looks comfortable and inviting. Also called Cottage style.


Modern room.
Ikea inspired room.


This is my Zwinky interpretation of this room . You can try different color combination.

Unexpected House Warming


Aside from my dear friends in Zwinky, a lot of unexpected visitors dropped in my room today giving my newly redecorated room an instant housewarming. Thanks for dropping by guys. :-)

Hey Kris_pinkaloo when are you getting back online? We miss you! I am getting a lot of request to continue our blogserye, we need to start shooting again! Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pingay's Favorite Bollywood Stars

Hritik Roshan
( Jodha Akbar)

Priety Zinta

Riya Sen

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pingay's Box Of Dreams

When I was a young girl I had a dainty little box with tiny flowers printed on it. I called it my " box of dreams ." I keep there photos I cut from magazines of all the things I want. It started with a photo of a doll I absolutely adore. Then later on it was filled with photos of shoes and clothes I would like to own. And as I grew older I filled it with photos of women whom I aspired to be and the kind of lifestyle I would prefer to live. And lately it is filled with photos of adventures that I would like do.

As I open my box of dream, I realized how many of the photos in it resembled the many choices I made in my life, from trivial to the very important. Most of my dream if not all has come true. But they did not come in a snap of finger. They came after much hard work and a lot of patience but my box of dream had helped me determine what direction my life was going.

More than once in your lifetime opportunities to fulfill you dreams will come but if you do not have a clear vision of what your dreams are, you might missed out on it. But as the saying goes " be careful on what you wish for, it might come true. " And it may not be for the good but for the worst. So dream wisely. Dream for something good and noble. Honesty and integrity will never let you down. Dreams of richness and materialism will only frustrate you endlessly and will lead you on the path of destruction.

Keep your dream alive as you grew older, never let it go and it will come true!

" The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it will in turn look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly kind companion; and so let all young persons take their choice. "
-William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair

Croix-Maldita Back In Each Other's Arms

It looked like Croix and Maldita has made up their differences. They were seen exchanging kisses and once again snuggling close to each other. They were even seen exchaging " I love yous" also and sweet nothings. Aaaaw Amore. Croix and Madita are back in sweet mode again. I am happy for you guys. :-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

**************************** Beyond Zwinkytopia: Pingay The Explorer**************

********************************I bet you know where this is *winks (2006) ******************************

**************************************************...and this. **************************************************

********************************************Coron, Palawan ******************************

*********************************** Barlacha La, Himalayas******************************

******************************************Florence, Italy******************************

*************************************Tuscany, Italy******************************

**************************************** Sikkim Monestery******************************

**********************************More (Moray) Plains, Pang******************************

********************************************Darcha Village******************************

************************************************Alchi Desert******************************

My dear friends and countrymen, I will be out of Zwinkytopia for sometime as I am on my explorer mode, scouring the world for adventures and well hehe escorting my husband mostly lol. But I will try to log in and keep tabs on what happenings on Zwinky whenever I find a wi-fi zone. So do continue sending your photos and Zwinky news on my znotes and I will post them as soon I get the chance. I promise to be back to in time to give the prizes for " Battle of The Giants" winners. Arrivederci!!!! Mwah!
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My IMVU HOMe page

The Hieress Collection

Page 12 ( click image for previous pages)

Page 12 ( click image for previous pages)
To be continued. Click image for previous pages.

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Then she says in a friendly conversation, 'I'm just a little flirtatious.' ....OK, like that's not gonna make me worry., and I always notice her flirting with a lot of other boys. So I tell her this, and all the sudden shes in defense mode. 'I mean I goof around with our friends, like giving them a hard time and stuff. That is what I meant, so I don't flirt but I goof around and THAT could be considered flirting.'

....

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