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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yet Another Colorful Wedding! And Another Broken Heart!

It was only a few days back since we left the year 2008 and all the bad vibes that came with and yet again we have started the year with more misunderstandings and disagreements.I was completely taken aback today at Mhythx0412' wedding ceremony when a fight between the "used to be so sweet couple" Maldita and Croix erupted. I knew that they were having some trouble in their relationship as we have not been seeing them together for a quite sometime now. But I never expected that thier grudge towards each other have escalated to such gigantic proportions.

There was sudden exchange of bitterness between the two during the confusion at Mhythx and Zeke's wedding. There was no priest available at the wedding and I had mistakenly suggest Croix to be the priest. This ticked Maldita off. Everyone was surprised by what Maldita had bursted out of anger. Apparently Croix is now going around with Mahmegz08 who is Maldita's sister. Maldita or Bhing was so hurt by this betrayal. According to her, on December 31, she had asked Croix, if they could cool off in Zwinky because she needed space. She said Croix did not agree to this. Altough they become very aloof with each other ever since. But in spite of this she thought that she and Croix did not break up since he did not agree to it. So imagine her surprise when she learned that Croix is already going around with mahmegz08. He had replaced her so quickly and with her sister, of all people! I did asked her if she had spoken to mahmegz08 already. She said no. I think one should hold judgment until the other party's side is heard. Maybe there is another angle to the story that we do not know, we should hear her version also. On Croix' side, I think I heard him say, that he doesn't have a girlfriend or his girlfriend had left him because he is penniless.
Haay pag-ibig nga naman!

BTW I asked Maldita if I can post this story and she agreed.

1 comment:

croix said...

find you...its me croix! what happen last dec. 31 is not what is written on your blog. she is not asking for space. our relationship was in a space mode since dec. 23 2008. the reason why you havent seen us together is that...she ask for space and i gave it to her. i am helping my mom for some charity work the since dec. 21 2008. dec 30, 2008 we talk and i ask her if im giving her enough space...she said lets talk tomorrow sabi scared she said "bat ka matatakot mag uusap lang naman tayo. dec 31, 2008
nangyari kinatatakutan ko...she broke up wth me saying na sa zwinky na lang kami mag on... i said no makakagulo lang ako...there are things im not in the position to reveal...maguguluhan po kayo sa point na to...i want to clear na di sya humihingi ng space nung dec. 31 we are currently in a space mode that time. now bout mahmegz08 it was just an act... di naging kami it was my idea...not hers, so im taking all the blame for that...i was so desperate for bhings attention kaya ko nagawa yun...what ever mhegz reason sa pag payag i really dont know! anything you want to know...ill tell you in private gbu and more power!

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