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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss You Guys !!!!

Sorry I haven't been around Zwinky lately. I miss you guys but my new graphic novel is taking much of my time. I hope you are liking it.I also apologize for not coming up with a new episode of the blogserye. The actors are mostly not available when I get online and I couldn't stay online for long also. I am looking for a co- director for the blogserye. If you have a hypercam and editing, I will give you the script. Please let me know if you are interested.

BTW, I saw Reika today at the bus stop. Is she back regularly at Zwinky again? WB!


Anonymous said...

hi pingay am chelsea i wanted to say i havn't been on zwinky since like 2day becouse my acc won't work not just zwinktopia all zwinky!!!(zwinky home page-zwinky profils...)every things!so i wod really appreciate if you coped this masseg and puted on my profile and ty

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

Hi, Chelsea.Oh that's too bad. I pasted your message to your znotes as per your request. BTW accept the invitation I sent to you on your email Id, you can post your advise directly on Confession Box. Take Care :-)

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