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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mahmegs Speaks Up

Finally mahmegs has also spoken up about the Croix-Maldita affair. Here is the English translation of her letter.

" Why did I played along? ( on pretending to be Croix's new girlfriend) My answer is this, I agreed to Croix's plan because I feel sorry for him and because we wanted to know how sister Bhing would react. But the truth is that, we didn't really have a relationship. It was all a farce. If I will have a boyfriend in Zwinky it will not be Croix because he is my sister's ex.

My message to my sister is ...sorry, sorry, sorry...I hope you will be able to forgive me."

Hmmm. Certainly there is a lot of lesson to be learned from this incident. As I have always stressed, you should value your friends. Be a positive supporter who is always there for a friend whether she changes or not. Everyone is on the path of self discovery. Experiences and interactions changes everybody. You have no right to control anything but your own destiny. Think of friendship like taking care of a pigeon. Everyday you let her out of her cage and let her roam free. Every night she always comes back to you. She knows where her home is. If she is your true friend then she will always seek you out when she needs comfort and you should be there. If she wanna spread her wings and fly then kiss her forehead and bade her good luck and say " I am happy where you will be happy." Meanwhile you go on with your life and cultivate more friendship with other people. There are plenty of people who need friends. This way you will never feel abandoned by a friend whom in your opinion have "changed".

Also, let us help bring people together and not to break them apart. Help for the better and not for the worse. And always think twice before doing something that can have dire consequences . Like a broken glass, this disputes can be mended but it always leave a mark.

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