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Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Of Zwinky Chatting Etiquette 101

2. Mate Hunting. Aaah Zwinky love... a lot can be said about this topic. While there are some who were successful in their pursuit of love in Zwinky there are more who had been left disappointed , depressed, frustrated or even broken hearted.

What are the common blunders that chatters usually commit when trying to hook up? The list is long that I feel that for now, I can only discuss the first part of this very interesting topic.

On the top of the list is username.Choosing a username that represents your personality is essential. Some have been put creativeness and personality in their username to show right away what kind of person they are or what kind of philosophy they represent. They can be very witty that it can become a conversation starter and breaks the ice immediately.

If you use a sexy username like this, chatters will either think you are a bot or gay. And being naked will ofcourse give no doubt about your purpose in chatting here.

Do not be manipulated to give in to some perverse demand. Men as everyone knows will not love you more if you let him do intimate things to you. Especially if you have only met for the first time. If the man is decent it can be both embarrassing for both of you. Don't be surprise if you will never see him again on zwinky. Or if he will stop speaking to you.

Never tell a guy that he is the first person who had ever spoken to you . He will either think that you are boring or that there is something wrong with you. He might pity you intially but soon will find a way to dump you and move on to another woman.

Keep your chat to a minimum and do not, I repeat, do not launch a barrage of personal information about yourself to a guy who unwittingly gave you an attention. It will him make tired and bored right away. He might also be doing something else on computer and would not be able to respond to you attentively which in turn will only hurt your feelings.

It's always best to be witty and funny at the first few minutes of chatting. Find something humorous to say and if he respond positively then you can ask a few question about him without being nosy. It's good to know the guy your speaking with before you begin having fantasies about him. But if you feel that he is hesitant to say anything about himself, do stop and introduce a new topic. You can look for common ground with simply sharing you favorite music or books. Never sound desperate to keep him at your side. Men are not big talkers, if he will want to move on, be unaffected and do not take it personally. There are always plenty of them popping in and out.

Us girls often , like detectives, search for clues if the guy we like feels the same towards us. In our desperate attempt to believe that the consummation of our love is near we often misread a slight gesture as a sign of love. Men will tell you if he really like you. It might be that he is only being nice to you or is merely flirting which does not necessary equate to love. Men love to flirt to make themselves feel good and they are sometimes insensitive to what effect it has on you. If he likes you and is not telling you, there might be a good reason and pushing him into a confession always lead to miss communications or even enmity. It can be that he is not sure or not clear about his feeling. You giving him space and opportunity to express his feeling when he is ready will be much appreciated.

Men, if a woman has given you an opportunity to speak to her do not launch into attack on asking for a date right away. Women will doubt your intention. Be thoughtful, if you are not witty of funny. Asking her how she is and how was her day will endear her to you. But humor is always a winning move. Make her laugh and win her heart.

Do not use women. Although you see them as avatar, there is a real woman who is opening up to you. Women get attracted easily especially if you show them special attention so be careful not to lead her on and always have your intention known. If you want her as friend only, do not give her mixed signals.Be clear. Women do take it to heart whatever you say to them.

This is it for now, but there are more I wanna say about courting and relationship in Zwinky, so watch for more about this topic.

Remember, it's always better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all. All things shall pass, time is a great healer. Have a great week to you all :-)

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