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Friday, December 26, 2008

Bebabe Breaks His Silence

I thought that the Mitch-Reika_Bebabe-Miecky saga has been put to rest. I had mentioned a few days back that they've already settled this matter. But now, it seems this drama is still very much alive.

As I was browsing through the blog last night I found another comment at the message box, this time pinpointing bebabe as the the real culprit. Although I must say that his/her comment about Reika and Mitch's behaviour is the most impartial comment I have received so far.Which means he/she does not belong to any of the warring group but merely a concerned observer.

* This message can be found in the "Bebabe Zips His Mouth" post comment box.

In addition to this, when I checked my znotes this morning I was surprised to find Bebabe message. Finally he said the he is breaking his silence and would want to post a statement.

So here goes...

English Translation:
Hi ate pingay, I will break my silence about this issue
as I am extremely annoyed and I have enough of it.
" I never said that I did not know that I and Miecky have a relationship like what you are insisting. The three of us have already discussed it and it is already clear to all of us. You can ask Mitch, I never said that I didn't know that I and Miecky are together. Maybe you did not understand it correctly, because I never said anything like that. This issue had already been resolved but because of your meddling it is only getting worst. I hope you stop pointing fingers so that this issue will be settled. This is not your problem anyway. So please leave us alone."

So guys, you heard it from bebabe himself. I guess there will be no more confusion about who is bebabe going around with really. Sorry bebabe, I cannot promise you about not posting anymore of this issue. I cannot stop people from expressing their opinions. But as you can observe, for the past few days I barely talk about this matter since I learned that you guys have settled this already amongst yourselves. There is nothing I can do If people would leave their comments on the message box and would want to speak their mind. Be patient and let the matter die naturally. Soon people will find new things to talk about and this matter would be forgotten entirely.Until then well, if someone keeps stoking the fire then it will keep on burning.
How about it guys? Let's cut her some slack, she going through a tragic time. Our prayers are with you Shalom. Condolence from all of your friends in Zwinky. Be strong girl.

I was not able to log in to Zwinky yesterday as I was very busy and when finally I had the time, the internet traffic was not letting me log in, in any of the servers. So I stopped by briefly in my room, and few carolers stopped by to cheer me up with Christmas songs.

What a treat! Numbers was so darn cute! She would have finished the whole song had I not stopped her. :-) I really like it though. Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

about the public apology na ayaw ni bebabe.. duh?? u get me wrong bebabe.... baka ang akala mo sa public apology na ibig kong sabihin ay magsosori ka sa aming lahat sa zwinky..... hahahahaha.... ok ok.... public apology po yun for miecky... since alam ng lahat yung gulong nangyari, why not say sorry to miecky publicly.. i min sa harap ng zwinkers say sorry to miecky... kung sincere ka and love mo si miecky, why are you afraid to do that then db? hahahaha.... im not naman making pakialam on your relationship its just that im miecky's friend and alam kong sobra syang nasaktan.. kung ayaw mong gawin yun, eh di wag, nobody is forcing you... as in DUH?????


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