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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Battle of The Giants

I am launching a new contest. This contest is for the winners and big scorers of the past major categories . I am very curious to know who among these big scorers will come up with the biggest number of votes. Who has the most number of friends and who is the most persistent to win. Sino ang may pinaka matinding pangagailangan! The contest will start on January 2, 2009 and will run for 2 weeks. Prize is 1000 zcard gift items for the one with the highest number of votes and 500 zcard gift items for the second placer. And by special request 300 zcard gift items for the 3rd placer :=D

Zwinkers qualified for this contest are:
mega_star ( Red Carpet Diva, catwalk stars)
Xharmein ( Best Halloween room )
gorgeous_mitch ( Crush Ng Tambayan Girlz)
ghurl_18 ( Tough Chick, catwalk stars)
mahmegz08 ( Best Christmas room)
glenn_ramos (2nd place CNT)

If you want your photo changed send me a new one.
* bebabe let me know if you wanna join in this contest.


Anonymous said...

anung contest ito?


ghurl__18 said...

ahw...te pingay.. wla bng 3rd placer? khit 300 o 200 lng? hihihi.. joke pde dn pong totohanin weeeeeeeh peace :)>-


ghurl__18 said...

naman!! panu bh etoh.. ngLaban Laban nah,.. ahahah... ate ko tska pnsan..pate bh nmn c lolo glenn at tita steff? weeeeeeh.. tsaka te mein...waaaaaaaah.. d tau talo..weeeeeeeh!! naman!! may d best woman or man wins.. :p good luck satin huhuh T__T cnu kya matnde pangangailangan/? ahahah ako kya un?weeeeh ako cguro.. vote for me ( wla pa nga eh,, super xcited nmn ako ahhaha ) hihihi :D

Anonymous said...

weeh! ateh pingay waLang 3rd placer T_T

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

lolz cge na nga 200 para sa 3rd placer loz :-)

xharmein said...

d ko xpected ito lolz
hmm ayaw ko sana pero pnpilit me ng aking family..kea sige na nga lolz
=] ty sa mga boboto at sa mga hindi.......

ok lang din hehe

Stefi:) said...

jan.3 na ah:)) waaaaa. dmi ko kamaganak na kasali d2 ah:)) weee:))

vote niyo ko:) at sa mga hindi okay lang.:)) hehehe.

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