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Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 Categories For Xmas Express Contest


Unleash your creativity! Join our 2 days express Christmas contest! Here are the five categories that you will have to compete on for 10 days. Each category will run only for 2 days consecutively. Wierdest Bride and groom motif, Funniest devil, Ugliest angel, Scariest santa, Naughtiest (sexy) fairy. Wierdest bride and groom motif has to be submitted as a couple. Both will get a prize. 200 zcard gifts each.

All entries should only be submitted in Female or Male cutie body type. Each category will only have five contestants and you can only join in one of the category. No multiple submission of entries. No cheating with multiple username, I will know. You will be disqualified in all the contests.

First come first serve rule on all entries. First five will be chosen. I will constantly announce which category will be open or closed. Opening of submission starts now and deadline would be on December 14. All previous winners are disqualified.

For this contests the winner will not only depends on number of votes but also the creativity of the contestants. Winning entry will be computed as follow: 70 % votes and 30 % creativity. So if you have less votes but is very creative you may win.Vice versa if your entry is less creative but you have the most number of votes then you will have a chance to be a winner.

Sample computation:

Contestant 1= no.of votes =80 (80 x 70%=56)
creativity = 60 (60 x 30%= 18 )
Total score = 74

Prize: 200 zcard gifts for each winners (6 winners)

If you don't want your entry to be seen by other contestants send your photo at

I would just like to note that the contests are done in the spirit of fun so please be a good sport if you do not win. We can't be all winners. Some contestant work more than others in getting votes. Also stop asking me zcard gifts if you did not win anything. I want to stressed that I am only giving out zcard gifts for the winners only. Why would anyone join the contest I can simply give them zcard gifts? Diba po? It would not be fair to those who work hard.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy this contests! Merry Christmas!


kris-pinkaloo16 said...

direk ping, sali ako funny devil huh.. hehehe,,, mwahugs,,

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

sure! Send you ng photo asap!

kris-pinkaloo16 said...

ok ok.. waaa... sira pa naman keyboard ko.. geh ask na lng me help sa ibang zwinkers para makunan me pic.. talamat po direk ping..=}

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