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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!

Christmas is finally here! Merry Christmas everybody!!!! Hope you'll have an enjoyable Christmas this year.

Let us pray for the fast recovery of Chii_cute. She has been injured on the leg and will have to spend Christmas on crutches. Poor kid :-( Doctor says that it will take about 6 weeks before she can start walking again. Aaaw, how about the New years' myth? If New Year comes and you're still on crutches hope you'll not be 0n crutches for the whole year! Just kidding! Anyhow, take good care of your health and we , your friends in zwinky will be here to support you towards your recovery!!!!

About the gorgeous_mitch- bebabe issue, I heard that Mitch and Miecky had already spoken to each other and settled the issue amicably. Atlast, this matter has finally been resolved. In addition, when I logged into Zwinky yesterday I met friends from both camps who were deeply affected. There was a brief exchange of insults on both side but after sometime they were finally convinced to end the fight and thus reconcile with each other. Sweet_cute_lovely had especially promised me that she will say sorry to those she had said bad words to. I am holding you to that promise sweet_cute_lovely :-) Rockstar_ Rachellimm had sent me a message that you whispered to her and I am disturbed but I decided not to post them since you made this promise.

I hope Rocker Bus Stop Christmas will finally be peaceful this year!

I also heard that Reikazek and Cutables had decided to quit Zwinky. Guys, we will miss you here. Zwinky would be less colorful without you :-D Joking. We will miss you, hope you will change your mind.

BTW, smileboy 1 had apologized to me already, I guess he is new in zwinky and does not realize that when one does not answer right away he or she is probably lagging or is busy chatting with someone else. Don't take it personally if I cannot answer you right away. There are so many friends, asking questions and I can't respond to everyone all of the same time. Most of them whisper all of the same time also, just wait for your turn and I will attend to you ASAP.

And for our " exchange gift giving ", here are the list of the mommies/daddies and their corresponding babies.

" Babies singilin nyo na mga mommy nyo, hehehe!!!! "

meismeasme and ghur_18
are orphaned babies since their mommies or daddies had abandoned them. Because of this I had adopted these two babies. :-)

meismeasme and ghurl_18 your mommy is me (pingay)

*Sorry for the wrong spelling thats " emo_black angel (mommy) and sheohnkate ( baby)"

Mommies/daddies you can give your babies whatever gifts you want to give for today, since its the last day of our exchange gift giving. Make it special! Hwag maging kuripot!

Here is the recap of the daily gifts:
Day 1, dec. 18 something glittery or shimmery
day 2 dec. 19 something green pink and round
day 3 dec. 20 something with black and white and a head gear
day 4 dec. 21 something yellow and printed
day 5 dec. 2 2 something that slides
day 6 dec. 23 something long, any color

And for additional treat, everyone on the exchange gift giving group will receive a happy new year headband from me! Just write at the message box below what color you like the leaves to be and for what body type. Don't forget to put your name!

*ghur_18 since I already gave you this gift, you can ask for something of the same value ( amount).

Secret Santa is nowhere to be found hehe (na traffic sa North Pole). Might be busy with the holidays but don't worry your presents will come!!!!!

Hope that has been a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR YOU GUYS!!!! Thank you for supporting my blog!!!! Lots of Love to all of You. -Ate Pingay


mhythx0412 said...

ate coco since i quit zwinky just this monday you can take care of my account (sayang kasi tsaka pakibigyan nlng poh ng gifts c maldita may pera p poh aq dunsa account) i'll just give you my account but please don't change the email address and my password i'll just lend it to you i'll be back in zwinky if everyone forgive me and understand my situation now. (Medyo glit aq sa mundo ngayun kya qh ngawa yun kung alm niu man yun tinutukoy qh) well have a Merry Christmas there in zwinky without me =]

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

waaaa whats happening with you guys!!! Don't quit, I am sure its not that bad. You don't have to give me your account, ako ng bahala kay Maldita :-) Come back soon and merry Christmas!!!!

ghurl__18 said...

[female hottie] The Surf Shop
color1: black
color2: pink #FF6699
price: 26

[female hottie] The Surf Shop
color1: pink #FF6699
color2: black
price: 34

a total of php. 60 =)

salamat poh sa gift momhie hihihi =))

Anonymous said...

anonymous pa ba dpat?


Anonymous said...

yung happy new year head band po.. gusto ko po kulay FF6699... sa cuttie female po...


Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

nope, na reveal ko mga mommy nyo so you can send your gifts as you :-) merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

black please (famel hottie)

reikazek said...

hahaha... all i can say is "EWW that is sooo gross,, hahah.." peace out.. i dont want to play zwinky anymore.. but im not sure though.. maybe ill be back after a few months..

i dont want to see ewwing face anymore.. heheh

btw.. i miss my family.. ohh darn.. didnt know that mama cuta and shalom also quit.. geezz...

darLa. said...

well, masasabi ko lng po jan sa nag post nyang anony na yan about the fight of my mom and mitch ayaw mo pla lumaki ung gulo eh, tska as u said lumalaki ung gulo kasi may nangngealam. well, ako di ako nangengealam ha, i would just like to say na kung ayaw mng lumaki bkit ka pa nangealam, and to think na nag mention kpa ng name. are u plain dumb? well, im sorry to say this though, pero ikaw ur one of those "pakealameros". -sigh-. what a crazy world -.-"

P.S just a friendly message coz im juz curios. are u a coward? why'd u put ur name as anony? MERRY CHRISTMAS! lmfaooo

Anonymous said...

..gsto k0w p0w pink ang c0l0r...tnx....mErrY cHristMas!!!!


Anonymous said...

[Female Cuttie]ZavenuE

Colour option 1:000000

MeRrY x-mAx PoH~

Anonymous said...

merry christmas
te... gusto koh poh yung tie top.
color1: pink #FF6699
color2: white
price: 60


Anonymous said...

aww. my christmas is not happy 'coz i chose the right person. well, hindi ako natuto sa leksyon na natutunan ko dati, when that stupid guy tricked me courting me and i suddenly answered him and meron na plang siyang girlfriend tska when his girlfriend told her "mukha nga nmn plng bata yang gf mo" and he even refused na im his gf. my god. well, that wasn't my first time. I have more. hehe. malas ko tlga sa lovelife. well, nung dumating nmn kay lorenzo di na ko minalas, i found true love in him khit sa z lang, uhm. then one day he just suddenly whispered na, break na tayo, and thoroughly I asked him why? then he answered my iba na kng girl na gusto. erm, depressed of course, wasn't able to sleep that night and i wanted to commit suicide, then I thought came up to my mind that "this too shall pass", that made me strong, in some way, i guess. aww. then just one day, he said that na busted siya nung girl na gusto niya and nakipagbalikan siya, then I answered him yes as quickly as i could. well, i was very happy. but suddenly when it came to our wedding ermm. well, our wedding was not continued because he left, i didn't knew he left because I was busy calling the hospital because my mom suffered from heartattack that night, so that stupid guy asked me just to marry him, and I said yes just not be ashamed of everybody because of the wedding, well i mean, i wasted their time for nothing, so yes there was a marriage indeed. aww. I was crying after that night and I fell asleep at school because of crying, marrying the wrong guy -.-". aww, but there's a part that he can fill. erm. I didn't thought that I really hurted that person, and uhm. aaminin ko may pagkakamali din ako, well. kc nmn di na kmi nagpapansinan ng husband ko sa z so i thought na hindi na kmi so nakipagbalikan ako kay lorenzo and to think na one day aww. kami pa pla. so i tried to break lorenzo's heart again. what a failure. and to think na may inaya pa akong guy na pakasalan ako. i'm such na damsel in distress. i didn't know what to do. aww. so, indeed I was crying and then I kept thinking what will i do? should I commit suicide or just confront everyone well or just nothing. well, i spent my christmas with the wrong guy. but still i have fun. if only you could be mine again. I LOVE YOU LORENZO. T_T

Anonymous said...

uhm. nagkamali po.. haha x] di po dapat right person. wrong person. tsk antok na ko kgbi. hehe sorry

Anonymous said...

hahaha..aux lng yn:D

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

mgpaANAL n qau..go anonymou:D..qht low chnce lng yn aux prn yn..atleast may chance:D

..icy.. said...

ate pingay!
hehe ung wedding pic lolz..ntatawa ako dun haha.. dmi ngang nag greet skin eh.. congrats daw! haha.. nde nmn aq ung kinasal ahha.. tnx 4 changing it pla ate.. haha..
thnx pla for the gift!
merry christmas po!
may the grace of our father almighty be with you & your family always!
wishing you all the best in the coming new year!
take care & godbless!

Anonymous said...

awts..mali pb?sori po..xxxnud p alam qn:D

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