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Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot !Hot ! Hot! At The Rocker Bus Stop

While the whole of Zwinky is chilling, Rocker Bus Stop is boiling, with intrigues!

The fight seems to be about a love triangle between gorgeous_mitch, bebabe and Miecky. I heard that while bebabe is going around with Miecky, bebabe was also going around with gorgeous_mitch. Miecky and her family felt hurt and aggravated with this betrayal because I think (I am not sure) gorgeous_mitch knows about the situation between Miecky and bebabe. Of course the decent thing to do in this situation is to give way to your friend and not to complicate matters. If the guy is taken hands off na. Let us not be selfish. There are plenty of fishes in the ocean. How many hot guys I lost to a friend!( In real life yan ha) Waaa! Ganun talaga in the name of friendship! Friends are valuable and they should be taken care of. You will be miserable in this world without friends. And someone better always comes along anyway, like my beloved husband hehe ( In real life ulit). "Lalaki lang yan" But I guess bebabe is one sexy guy and is just too hot to resist! Is he really that worth fighting over? :-D. Ang gwapo naman! But wait, is it not that bebabe is also sort of accountable to something? Why did he let this situation become complicated like this? Is it entirely gorgeous_mitch fault? I have not heard from gorgeous_mitch side, so it is too soon to judge. But it seems she had stepped on quite a few toes, so it's seems like this people had enough and these confrontations has been waiting to happen. This betrayal was the catalyst that trigger this mass hatred.

Personally, gorgeous_mitch has not done anything bad to me so I had nothing against her but Miecky is my friend and I feel hurt when she is hurt. I want to be fair though, and I am willing to post everybody's opinion about this matter. Positive or Negative. Have your say.

It also came to my knowledge that there was a confrontation between gorgeous_mitch and Miecky's family yesterday at the bus stop. A witness is going to send me some photos of this incident so watch for more of this issue.

I hope this issue will be resolved soon. It's Christmas, you guys! Peace :-)


-i-s-T-a- said...

omg..c mommy rei my k away??,,as u dont know im a long lost daughter of mommy rei lolz..she probably not gonna remember hu i am..but im just gonna say that xmas is almost hir we should have peace and luv 4 everyone ^___^ hi ate coco!!!..^__^ d n kme mxdo nk2 pnta s time pnta kme!^__^ sma q mga friends q d2!..TC merry xmas!

Coco a.k.a. Pingay said...

Hi, makulay ang buhay sa bus stop these days. We miss you there. Merry Christmas also and God bless. Tc. BTW, I like your blog. So cute!

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