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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The " Maldita-Croix" Story Unfolds

I would like to apologize for the incorrect information I published on my last post. I had mixed up what Maldita told me last Saturday. I want to thank Croix for giving a accurate accounts of what happened. I stand corrected.

Croix said that his relationship with Mahmegz was just a farce. He was so desperate for Maldita's attention that he asked Mahmegz to pose as his new girlfriend. He doesn't know why Mahmegz agreed to this.

I guess, you achieve your purpose and get more than you bargain for. You did get her attention but severed a good friendship between Mahmegz and Maldita.

We must understand that most of us has build a close relationship with each other in Zwinky and when these things happen, we your friends, though not directly affected are unwittingly get caught in the middle. We want to symphatize with the aggrieved but we don't want to be at odd with the other party who is also our friend. So do consider this when you get into fights. Do not make us choose sides. Let us all live in good harmony :-)

Croix, as I can observe you are a creative and intelligent guy, a lot of women find that attractive so you should be more confident about yourself. Nothing more sexier than confidence. Also remember this on how to treat your woman... a woman is like an expensive crystal vase, you must hold her delicately but firm. If it you hold it too lose it will slip off your fingers. And if you hold it too tight it will break. Please take this constructively, as an advice from an elder sister. Hope things will work out fine between the two of you. We all thought that you had a good thing going. All the best :-)

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