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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blah_blah Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday, March 15, Kris_pinakloo prepared a surprised party for her daughter blah_blah or kharen. The day before Saturday I was present at the rehearsal on Ikos' room.They decorated the room with colorful balloons giving it a very festive mood. There was stage and microphone in the middle. Unfortunately I was late on the event itself so I did not catch the opening number by Kris_pinkaloo, Mein_adams and ellacindy. Which was followed by heart warming messages from all of us who were there. The highlight of the celebration was Colins222 surprised appearance, who we didn't was there all along and was on invisible mode. He gave a very moving speech for Kharen that brought us all to tears. The celebration was concluded by Brad_adams and mein adams song number. It was a very sweet and moving celebration. Congratulation Kris! Great planning and execution.

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